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Yoga classes in Marrakesh


Amélie Elbaz is a yoga and philosophy teacher, and also a choreographer.
She is currently developing skills in Gestalt therapist posture,
learning at EPG ( Parisian School of Gestalt therapy).
Her work focuses on breath, as a bridge to the spiritual dimension
of yoga. Concerning the postures, she likes to  work on the specificity of each body,
in order to restore physiological balance and, consequently,
 psychological one.  She is not adept of
a systematic routine in the class, but tries to work as much as possible in synergy with
the  energy and the dispositions of participants. In classes, she likes  working on holding 
positions in the duration,   more than giving rapid succession of sequences, in her
 opinion less likely to generate a deep work  (especially for the organs). Her training was
 done with the Sankara school in France - Swami Satyananda influence - and she has also worked on
 Nil Hahoutoff’s postural (the French School of Yoga). She also regularly practices the teachings
 of Osho, and recognized herself quite well in the creativity that characterizes the neo tantra,
 who he is  at the origin of. She also has a training module of yoga nidra (yoga of the sleep) and
 an approach for  prenatal and postnatal yoga. She participates regularly in seminars
of the Moroccan Association of Yoga.

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